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"Give to the dedicated and see effective changes happen and needs met."

100% of all donations given through DOSII to God's Hands Daycare, Nursery and Primary School  in Musita Village in Jinja, Kampala, Uganda goes to the school

Kindergarten Class ready to perform in the Malaria Concert.  They walked to the church and gave a fantastic presentation.

Results for the Poetry Contest:  There were no poems submitted; however, the teachers put their heads together and came up with this exciting program for the students to present.  The TEACHERS at GHDNPS  and the STUDENTS are the winners.  So are the hundreds of people at the concert, who listened to the presentations and learned about the horrible disease of malaria and how to prevent it.


 Malaria Malaria Malaria

Malaria is here, Maleria is there, Maleria is everywhere

Malaria is a disease caused by anopheles mosquito.

Malaria has four syllabus ma la ri a.

Malaria kills both young and the old, the rich and the poor.

Malaria makes us sick, feel stomach ache and vomit

Malaria makes me not read, play and dance.

Oh to avoid malaria

We should sleep under the mosquito net, drain away stagnant water, and slash tall grasses, and visit the hospital.

Let us work together to fight malaria.

Fight Malaria Poetry Contest

Rules Regulations and Stipulations

You must donate $10.00 with each poem you submit to be considered.  You may submit as many poems as you wish.  100% of your donated money will go toward informing and educting the public in Musita Village Uganda about the disease, malaria.  The poems will be read and judged by the GHDNPS School Director and one other teacher.   School Director will choose the poem she feels is best suited to be used in the Ministry of Education's Concert, which will be presented in Musita Village on July 18, 2018, by some of the kindergarten students at God's Hands Daycare Nursery and Primary School.  They will join students of five other schools in their school zone in using various forms of art to tell about malaria.  One of GHDNPS art forms used will be poetry.  The winning poem will be presented in the concert by the kindergarten students at GHDNPS.  Also, after the presentation date of July 18, 2018, the winning author's poem will be posted on FaceBook in the format used in the concert. Poems must be submitted no later than midnight 7/6/18.

Remember, the chosen poem will be presented by kindergarten students.  Please use between 100 and 150 words in the poem (repeated words are counted as new words).The chosen poem will be subject to modification to suite the presentation.  Please be informed that upon donating and submitting your poem, you are relinquishing all rights to the poem, including any and all monetary proceeds, which may come from the presenting of the poem in the before mentioned Concert, and on any and all social media by any member of GHDNPS, as a donation to God's Hands Daycare Nursery and Primary School.  The author of the winning poem will be recognized for their contribution and credited as author of the poem.

Please submit all poems to the following email address: and please go to our website Contact page to contact us with any questions you might have, or if you need additional information. (This contest is open to all ages)  06/30/2018.

Meet Siyamah Namukose.  She was born July 2, 2010, at 7 years of age, she lives with her mother in Musita Village, Jinja Uganda, where she attends GHDNPS.

Her needy father died, when she was two years old, from malnutrition and malaria leaving her needy mother to take care of Siyamah.

Siyamah is a very positive little girl and her favorite color is yellow. She is serious about her school lessons, and devoted to her studies.  She loves to play with dolls as if she is holding a baby.


Play her video and hear the hope in her voice that she might become sponsored by a loving, caring person.

Ali Lulema is 8 years of age.  His was born on the 9th day of July 2009.  He has always been needy and became an orphan the last of April, 2018 when his needy Father died at Waina Health center, leaving Ali and his mother with no means of support.   He is grieving now and very sad.

He is in Primary Three Class at GHDNPS in Musita Village.  He likes dancing and playing football.  His favorite color is red.

What a wonderful gift for his 9 year birthday to become sponsored by someone, who will love and encourage him.  He is hoping for a bright future. NEWS FLASH - ALI HAS JUST BEEN SPONSORED!!  In this month of June, we welcome his new sponsor and we CELEBRATE with them!  Thank you, Jesus!!


You May Sponsor One or More Children

Jamiira Namugabwe Age 9

Jamiira is in Primary Two in school.  She loves role playing both in and outside of class.  She also likes playing basketball and netball.

Catherine Nalumansi Age 7 

Catherine is in Primary One in school.  She is a shy quiet girl, who loves reading and solving numbers. SPONSORED JUN 12 2018

Nasifu Soozi     Age 11



Soozi is in Top Class at school and loves playing football.

Tahia Bangi Age 5

Tahia is in Middle Class in school, is interested in art, she especially enjoys shading.  She is outgoing and loves to make new friends.  She also llikes playing with babies.

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