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My name is Lawrence Waiswa.  I am 19 years old, and I live in Musita Village, Uganda in Mayuge district.  Both of my parents died when I was still very young, leaving me with my uncle, Robert Talugende.   With much love and encouragement, I overcame the obstacles of extreme poverty, not being able to pay school requirements like the school fees, school uniform, books, etc.  Although, at many times very discouraging, I worked hard to meet the challenges and overcome the difficulties.  I didn’t give up and I stayed in school.  I was blessed that on 8/20/2015 when I was in Primary 6, I met and accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour.  I completed primary seven in 2016 from Musita  primary school and managed to score 22 aggregates in the four subjects (math, English, science, SST).  In 2017, I joined senior one at Joy Dominion Academy in Musita Village, where I completed senior four in 2020, scoring 28 aggregates for best 8 subjects.  I passed science subjects very well.  There are no job opportunities for youth in Uganda.  Without a career of some type, it is hard to make enough money to live.  I am praying for the Lord God to bless me with financial provisions to enrol in medical school classes to become a Clinical Nurse.  In east Africa, especially Uganda, there are many various diseases that kill our people each day.  By choosing a medical career, I believe I will have a chance to help save people’s lives.

                                                         Thanks for your support may God bless you.

Note:  In the Uganda academic grading system, if a student scores 8 to 32 aggregates, that student is considered intellectual, and more so when that student passes well in science subjects like chemistry, biology, mathematics, etc.

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