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We have our Federal 501(c)(3) exempt status.

To designate how your donation is to be used by DOSII, and to make your pledge for the school's monthly budget, or for additional information, please go to our Contact Page and send a message letting us know.






"Give to the dedicated and see effective changes happen and needs met."  100% of all donationse given through DOSII goes directly to the school GHDNPS - Gods Hands Daycare Nursery Primary School in Baitambogwe Sub-County, Musita Village, Jinja, Kampala, Uganda.



Sam Mubiatana Age 10

Sam's father died in an accident when he was just nine months old, leaving him with his needy mother, who is struggling to get basic needs for Sam.  He is in primary three and his birth date is November 10, 2008.  His best (favorite) color is orange and he loves playing football.  He has also been waiting, hoping and praying for someone to sponsor him for a little over a year now.  The school is his beacon of hope.  When these children become sponsored by someone who loves them and cares enough to help them, it is like turning on a bright light where there has been much darkness.  Dreams come alive and the vagueness and hopelessness gives way to hope for a brighter future!



Tahia Bangi Age 6

Tahia is in Middle Class, Primary One in school.  Interested in art, she especially enjoys shading (coloring).  Her favorite color is pink.  She is outgoing and loves to make new friends.  She also likes playing with dolls.  Tahia was born on October 5, 2012.  She lost her father becuase of malaria when she was just three months old.  Tahia's needy mother has raised her alone since then.  Women who live in rural villages in Uganda, such as Musita Village have neither formal education, nor job training.  On weekends, Tahia might have only one meal of boiled potatoes in two days.  She and her mother wash her school uniforms on the weekend to ready her for school on Monday.


Sponsoring A Child for $30 A Month

Once you have prayerfully made your decision about which child or children you should sponsor, then go to the Contact Page and tell us how to contact you.  A representative will be in touch with you within 24 hrs to answer your questions and help set up the sponsorship arrangements.  How your $30.00 will be spent:   Each child is served two meals a day at school, breakfast and lunch.  Also, they are given food to take home to share with their guardians.  $15.00 is given into the school budget. $12.50 for food and school supplies, and $2.50 budgeted for health.  The health includes routine testing and treating for parasites when needed.

The other $15.00, minus $1.00, is spent for the child's basic needs, which include the following:  soap, oil, pants, shoes, stockings, clothes,  treated mosquito net for sleeping, mattress, blanket, bedsheets, basins, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, comb, shoe cleaner or polish and shoe brush.  All of these items cannot be purchased in one month, so the school administrator arranges for the most needed items first, then progresses through the list each month as much as possible.  The $1.00 each month is deposited into the child's savings account to go toward future education when they graduate from the Primary School and must attend Public High School.



The school administrator will arrange video calls often for sponsors to meet their child in person and get to visit with them.



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