Harriet Watulo Talugende - Founder - Administrator - Teacher at God's Hands Daycare School in Jinja, Kampala, Uganda

11/28/2017 Graduation Celebration at GHDNPS

All About Sponsoring A Child

Once you have prayerfully made your decision about which child or children you should sponsor, then go to the Contact Page and tell us how to contact you.  A representative will be in touch with you within 24 hrs to answer your questions and help set up the sponsorship arrangements.

How your $30.00 will be spent:

 Each child is served two meals a day at school, breakfast and lunch.  Also, they are given food to take home to share with their guardians.

$15.00 is given into the school budget. $12.50 for food and school supplies, and $2.50 budgeted for health.  The health includes routine testing and treating for parasites when needed.

 The other $15.00, minus $1.00, is spent for the child's basic needs, which include the following:

 soap, oil, pants, shoes, stockings, clothes,  mattress, blankekt, bedsheets, basins, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, basin, comb, shoe cleaner or polish and shoe brush.  All of these items cannot be purchased in one month, so the school administrator arranges for the most needed items first, then progresses through the list each month as much as possible.  The $1.00 each month is deposited into the child's savings account to go toward future education when they graduate from the Primary School and must attend Public High School.




Contact UsThe school administrator will arrange video calls often for sponsors to meet their child in person and get to visit with them.


A non-profit daycare, nursery, and primary school located in Jinja, Uganda that schools the poor and orphaned children in Musita Village, feeding them two essential meals each day breakfast and lunch!

For approximately $20,000 US dollars, the Standard School can be completed on the land that has been donated to God's Hands Daycare, Nursery and Primary School.  It takes six months to build the Standard School.  There is urgent need for an enclosed secure classroom now, which would sit in the school founders' back yard and provide temporary accommodations until the Standard School is completed.  The cost for finishing the classroom would be approximately $4,000 US dollars.

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