Harriet Watulo Talugende - Founder - Administrator - Teacher at God's Hands Daycare School in Jinja, Kampala, Uganda

Harriet Talugende:  "Praise God, my name is Harriet Talugende, the school administrator of God's Hands Daycare Nursery and Primary School.  God's Hands Daycare Nursery and Primary School is located in Musita Village, is a community school, and it is the only hope for children in Musita Village to attain education.  We praise God for the increased number of supported orphans.  This has greatly changed their lives, and the other children are benefiting too; like, they are having two meals per day.  The school is registered by the Minister of Education.  Our goal is to have all of the children at school, and have all of our seven standard class rooms built.  We now have three standard class rooms.  We appeal for your support towards our school's monthly budget.  This can be done through DOSII website, and that is Daughters of Sarah.  May God bless you; thank you."

  Sponsoring A Child

Once you have prayerfully made your decision about which child or children you should sponsor, then go to the Contact Page and tell us how to contact you.  A representative will be in touch with you within 24 hrs to answer your questions and help set up the sponsorship arrangements.

How your $30.00 will be spent:

 Each child is served two meals a day at school, breakfast and lunch.  Also, they are given food to take home to share with their guardians.

$15.00 is given into the school budget. $12.50 for food and school supplies, and $2.50 budgeted for health.  The health includes routine testing and treating for parasites when needed.

 The other $15.00, minus $1.00, is spent for the child's basic needs, which include the following:

 soap, oil, pants, shoes, stockings, clothes,  mattress, blankekt, bedsheets, basins, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, basin, comb, shoe cleaner or polish and shoe brush.  All of these items cannot be purchased in one month, so the school administrator arranges for the most needed items first, then progresses through the list each month as much as possible.  The $1.00 each month is deposited into the child's savings account to go toward future education when they graduate from the Primary School and must attend Public High School.




The school administrator will arrange video calls often for sponsors to meet their child in person and get to visit with them.

Fund Raiser With Premier Designs Jewelry - Jeweler, Lorelei Scroyer

Big Blessing!

We were able to raise enough money to set up a modest emergency fund for the school.

We greatly appreciate Lorelei's generosity and Premier Designs Jewelry.  Plus (muchas gracias) -  to all of the customers who purchased jewelry.

Kindergarten Class ready to perform in the Malaria Concert.  They walked to the church and gave a fantastic presentation.

Results for the Poetry Contest:  There were no poems submitted; however, the teachers put their heads together and came up with this exciting program for the students to present.  The TEACHERS at GHDNPS  and the STUDENTS are the winners.  So are the hundreds of people at the concert, who listened to the presentations and learned about the horrible disease of malaria and how to prevent it.



Malaria Malaria Malaria

Malaria is here, Maleria is there, Maleria is everywhere

Malaria is a disease caused by anopheles mosquito.

Malaria has four syllabus ma la ri a.

Malaria kills both young and the old, the rich and the poor.

Malaria makes us sick, feel stomach ache and vomit

Malaria makes me not read, play and dance.

Oh to avoid malaria

We should sleep under the mosquito net, drain away stagnant water, and slash tall grasses, and visit the hospital.

Let us work together to fight malaria.


Graduation is a step of achievement attained after completing a certain level of training In the education sector Nursery section.  It takes three (3) years of learning before a child graduates into Primary School. All schools in Uganda organize such functions to pass-on their children to the primary section. This is a big function and celebration where the children, teachers, parents/ guardians, community and government officials attend to jointly inspire, encourage and appraise the reading culture in children to aim higher.  The purpose is to celebrate as the children pass on to the primary section and they each get certificates.  This motivates them and their followers in lower classes, seeing their elders in the moment of celebration with gowns.  This is a time where the community gets more sensitized on the importance of education, through speeches by different guests from the community and the government.  This is a time where teachers, parents and guardians join together as one family and talk about their challenges throughout the year, about the children; academics, health and spiritual affairs.  We also give special appreciations to those children who have performed more than the others in class, in games and in other co-curricular activities. The day started with singing the national Anthem and the prayer and we had a lot of presentations, singing and skits alongside speeches from different people. We also had games by children and dances by the children, teachers and the guests and parents/ guardians.  We ate the cake served by the grandaunds.  Then, we all joined up for more songs and dances.

November 25 at 1:25pm ·As we keep our focus on the classroom building project for our children at God's Hands Daycare Nursery and Primary School, Yesterday through Daily Monitor News Paper - Thursday, 24th November 2017 (The National News) page 9. Government WANTS all Nursery schools in Uganda to have computers and start teaching children under- five years. We have a period of 2 months to mobilize for the computers for the school so that The Government will not close our children's school. We need a minimum of two computers but it would be good to have 15 or more computers for the whole school as this will give opportunity to every child to have access and hands-on practice as they learn the skill. 
We have two computers as of January 29,2018 - more computers would be welcome since we have 100 students.


A non-profit daycare, nursery, and primary school located in Jinja, Uganda that schools the poor and orphaned children in Musita Village, feeding them two essential meals each day breakfast and lunch!

For approximately $20,000 US dollars, the Standard School can be completed on the land that has been donated to God's Hands Daycare, Nursery and Primary School.  It takes six months to build the Standard School.  There is urgent need for an enclosed secure classroom now, which would sit in the school founders' back yard and provide temporary accommodations until the Standard School is completed.  The cost for finishing the classroom would be approximately $4,000 US dollars.

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