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God's Hands Daycare School & Orphanage


Update - 10/9/17 - "Look what God has done in four weeks due to the support and unconditional love of our supporters", Harriet Talugende, School Director says, "It will require $360 for the beam level, here they will use small stones mixed with sand and cement and it will be poured on top of the bricks to make the building more strong and ready for roofing.  We can put tarps for roofing, as we wait for God to provide the hard roofing..Thank you to all of our supporters and God bless you and your families"!  She says,  "Praise God"!!!!!!  Please don't stop giving now!  Click on the pictured to see more construction photos.

Update - 9/13/17 - The Bricks Are Here For The School! 

This is enough bricks to complete the 5th class room.  The cost of the bricks including the delivery fee is $500.00, which can be paid for within a few months.  We need you to partner with us and donate toward paying for these bricks.  We have $384.00 designated so far for this project.  We need more.  Once the brick are paid for, we still need $3,616.00 to buy the boards for the walls, pour a concrete floor, make a window and a door, install a metal roof and buy desks and furnishings for the inside.  This is the class room for the older children, and we only have until the end of December, 2017 to get it finished and comply with the Uganda State regulations, so they will have no reason to shut the school down.

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Shanitah Nakisendo Age 4

 DOB - 11/01/12

The mening of Shanitah's name is God's Grace.

Sulaiman Izimba  Age 8

DOB - 04/29/2009

Sulaiman means peace.

Hakram Musobya Age 5

DOB - 06/03/2012

Hakram means generous.

Shadrack Byakika Age 8

DOB - 06/28/2009

Shadrack's name means moon god.

Help Change A Child's Future With $30.00 Per Month

Jamiira Namugabwe Age 9

DOB -07/26/08

 Jamiira means brilliance.

Catherine Nalumansi Age 5

DOB - 11/02/11

The name Catherine means pure. 

Soozi Nasifu Age 8

DOB - 04/06/09

Soozi's name means fun loving.

Tahia Bangi Age 5

DOB - 5/12/12

Tahia's name means expressive.


11/09/2017 UPDATE - November's Monthly School Budget for 74 Children

Salaries - Staff

Teachers and helpers $186.00

Food - Firewood

Posho Flour $176.00 - Beans $94.00 - Sugar $37.00 - Fire Wood $50.00




All school supplies $100.00

The total budget needed for each month is $643.00.  We were able to send $160.00 for the month of November.  That pays for some beans and posho, but no fire wood and no school supplies.  However, to date, we only have $160.00 donated for the month of November.  We desperately need $186.00 for salaries due the 28th of November for this ending quarter.  Folks, that is $31.00 each for 6 staff members for 3 months of work.  That is only $10.33 each month that each teacher is paid.  The teachers really need their pay checks, and the children really need the two meals per day they get at school, and the school administrator does not receive a salary.

*****Please Help!*****

School's Monthly Operating Budget

Your US dollar gift of just $25.00 each month will help feed these children two essential meals a day, breakfast and lunch.  Your donation will be multiplied by at least 3X buying power in Uganda!  We have 4 pledgers!  We need 26 more pledgers to meet the monthly school budget of $643.  I believe God is dealing with at least 26 people, or more, to join us and pledge $25.00 each month for 12 months.  Together we can do this!!!  Thank you in advance and may GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU!



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