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God's Hands Daycare & School In Musita Village Jinja Uganda

Donate**NEEDS - -New Office/Classroom Building Project (Needs to be completed before January 2019 to keep the school open) - Sponsorship for these children - School Budget Members -  - GRADUATION CELEBRATION COMING ON NOV 28, 2018 - CLICK THIS PICTURE NOW!!

Nov 28, 2018 Graduation 8 Primary Students

These students at God's Hands Daycare Nursery and Primary School in Musita Village, Jinja, Uganda take learning seriously. They are looking forward to going to their next grade level in January 2018. Please help complete the office where they are sitting on the foundation before January 2019. The office will also provide their next needed classroom for the upcoming 3 years, so the school may remain open for them to continue their education. Any amount you can give toward completion of this building will be greatly appreciated. You may donate through the following website where 100% of the money donated goes to the school.

NEW OFFICE/CLASSROOM BUILDING PROJECT****** EXPANDING At GHDNPS - God's Hands Daycare Nursery Primary School in Musita Village, Jinja, Kampala Uganda, we have started a new expansion to the school. This new building has 1,200 sq. ft.of space to utilize. It will house the School Office, Secure Record File Room, Computer Training Room, Two Class Rooms and a Meeting/General Purpose Room in the center of the building. ALL OF THIS FOR JUST $5000.00. Come help by sowing into the transforming of these students lives as change is brought to the village. Please DONATE at www.dosii.org. %100 Pass through with no delays. All fees paid by Daughters of Sarah Intl., Inc. 501 (c)(3) tax receipts available. The flexibility of this building type will meet the need of adding next needed class levels and office expansion without building separate buildings. This will allow the school Administrator time to plan the next best steps for the schools growth and expansion over the next three years. We need to be completed by December 31, 2018.  If you have any questions, please go to the contact page, or send a message on Facebook Messenger to Hattie Thompson.


2018 Proposed Monthly Budget for 100 Children

Food - Firewood

Posho Flour $182.90 - Beans $118.90 - Rice $86.00 - Sugar $42.90 - Salt $2.90 - Baking Flour $20.60 - Cooking Oil $74.30 - Fire Wood $60,.00 - Soap 4 bars $6.00 TOTAL =$638.50

Staff Salaries

7 Teachers and 1 Cook



All School Supplies


 STRIPPED SCHOOL BUDGET!!  We are sending $30.00 to $50.00 each week for food, depending on how much money has been donated for the month.  That pays for beans, rice and posho (food only)  for 100 children.  $200.00 fed the 49 orphans for the first time during School Break in May.  For the first time they were fed lunch of beans and rice for 20 days, Monday thru Friday. The cook was paid $43.00 for her work during those 20 days.  We are planning the same for this upcoming school break in December.   We are now paying the 7 teachers $10.75 each weekly ($75.25) however, they do not receive pay for any days missed in that week.  We pay the cook $43.00 at the end of each month.  REMEMBER: 100% of any money donated to GHDNPS goes to the school.  DOSII pays all Pay Pal donation fees and new Uganda Social Media Tax (starting in the month of July, 2018) on all Donations.  We do not charge the school any fees of any kind.

*****Please Help!*****

School's Monthly Operating Budget

Your US dollar gift of just $25.00 each month will help feed these children two essential meals a day, breakfast and lunch.  Your donation will be multiplied by at least 3X buying power in Uganda!  We have 4 pledgers!  We need at lleast 51 more pledgers to meet the monthly school budget of $1.140.52.  Please commit to $25.00 a month for 12 months.  Together we can do this!!!  Thank you in advance and may GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU!

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Shaminah Age 8

 Primary Two

Sulaiman  Age 8

Sulaiman means peace.

Hakram  Age 5

Hakram means generous.

Sam Age 8

Primary Two

REJOICE!  DOSII woulld like to say "welcome" to the new sponsors - Happy April and June 2018 to Favour, Catherine and Ali.  We now have 14 sponsored children.  We are looking forward with them to their Bright Futures!!  CONGRATULATIONS CHILDREN,  you have worked hard and kept hope!


at God's Hands Daycare, Nursery and Primary School

in Musita Village

Jinja, Kampala, Uganda

on 11/28/2017

19 Students

Graduated from Pre-Primary to Primary


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February 16, 2018 - The roof is covered, so "Thank you, Dear Lord, please send the rain this Sunday evening, to end the drought in Musita Village, Jina Uganda and all of Uganda and Africa."

Thank you everyone, who has dug from the bottom of their pocket and given from the bottom of their hearts!

May the Lord fill your vessels to overflowing!!!

February 14, 2018  -  Here goes the ROOF!  The floor was finished in January and the roof should be covered with the metal sheets by the end of this Saturday, February 17, because we are praying for rain to start on Sunday evening the 18th to end the drought in Uganda!  PRAISE GOD!!  He sent an angel with a big heart, who He knew would obey Him, and because she did, the class room, which was started 9/13/2017 will be dried in.  Doors and windows will be added.  We will be all set for the Lord to fulfill the weather forcaster's prediciton for the rain to come Sunday, February 18, 2018.  BIG CELEBRATION!!!  THANK YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY AND Thank you obedient child of God!!

January 17, 2018 - Going Forward - dirt and stones have been hauled in to start the floor.  $400.00 was donated on Jan 14, 2018 to build the floor in the class room and shade porch!

Thank you  from the bottom of our hearts to those responsible for building this class room and keeping this secondary school open for a life line for the children in Musita Village.  Biggest thanks to God Almighty "Great I AM" for giving these children at GHDNPS a bright future.

(Click on this truck to see more pictures)

January 5, 2018 - **Above Photo of completed (shade) porch covering framed in and now we are ready for the floors and roofs in class room and porch area.  It is now time to dig deep into your pockets from the bottom of your heart, please give what you can and ask those you know, who might want to help.  We need $990.00 just for the roofs, + a little more for the floors.  We can do it - one step at a time with God's Great Help!

December 15, 2017 Update - We did it, above beam level - Praise God and thank you to all who are faithfully making a personal financial sacrifice and donating to the class room building fund.




December 1, 2017 Update - We did it, beam level - Praise God and thank you to all who are faithfully making a personal financial sacrifice and donating to the class room building fund.

Update - 10/9/17 - "Look what God has done in four weeks due to the support and unconditional love of our supporters", Harriet Talugende, School Director says, "It will require $360 for the beam level, here they will use small stones mixed with sand and cement and it will be poured on top of the bricks to make the building more strong and ready for roofing.  We can put tarps for roofing, as we wait for God to provide the hard roofing..Thank you to all of our supporters and God bless you and your families"!  She says,  "Praise God"!!!!!!  Please don't stop giving now!  Click on the pictured to see more construction photos.

Update - 9/13/17 - The Bricks Are Here For The School! 

This is enough bricks to complete the 5th class room.  The cost of the bricks including the delivery fee is $500.00, which can be paid for within a few months.  We need you to partner with us and donate toward paying for these bricks.  We have $384.00 designated so far for this project.  We need more.  Once the brick are paid for, we still need $3,616.00 to buy the boards for the walls, pour a concrete floor, make a window and a door, install a metal roof and buy desks and furnishings for the inside.  This is the class room for the older children, and we only have until the end of December, 2017 to get it finished and comply with the Uganda State regulations, so they will have no reason to shut the school down.



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